Romantic Enterprises was founded in 2000, formerly known as Fotao Group, and has become an innovative benchmark enterprise under the transformation of Fotao Group. Romantic Ceramics (hereinafter referred to as "ROMANTIC") is a major brand of Romantic Enterprises. The marketing headquarters building is located in Foshan, Guangdong province, is a production, R&D, sales in one of the large-scale decoration materials enterprises.

With the support of strong enterprise strength, the annual production of the company reaches 48 million square meters, becoming the industry leader. The total production value exceeds 2 billion yuan RMB, and the production and sales staff of the enterprise has reached 3,500 people. The enterprise has professional production equipment and professional technology research and development team. The company's products continue to innovate, develop and improve. At present, the products of the enterprise have included Digital Glaze, Sintered Stone, Marble Design, White Marble, Modern Wood Design, Rustic Series, 3D Art Wall Tiles and Imported products. Rich products, complete categories, perfect supporting, unique colors, diverse specifications. Fully realized a product a feature, a design a style of product decoration effect to achieve the "To the unique, choose ROMANTIC. " brand slogan.

At present, ROMANTIC has built thousands of stores across the country. The products not only sell well in China, but also have independent stores in Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, South Korea and other countries, and set up distribution outlets in the United States, Canada, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries. The products are not only sold well in China, but also exported to 95 countries and regions around the world, realizing the corporate vision of "One World, Same Quality".